SWAN 115

Synolo were commissioned to work on the 115 project, commencing with Solleone, and following her success, three further vessels to date.

Within the project Synolo modelled in 3D all of the composite structure, major machinery and equipment placement, tankage, systems routing/components and interior joinery and mouldings. The German Frers design, accommodation arrangement and the Nautor specification were used to optimise all of these elements to ensure they functioned seamlessly together.

Synolo completed separate structural designs for each yacht. The design of two of the yachts was optimised for increased performance. Structural calculations and FE analysis were the basis of build drawings detailing the construction of the vessels and detailed machinery installation and systems drawings were produced to the exacting requirements of Germanischer Lloyd classification. Synolo assisted with the development of the interior arrangement from an early stage to ensure accurate integration with the working of the yacht. Joinery and mouldings for head liners, window liners and heads spaces were modelled to a highly detailed level that were used directly in CNC to optimise production efficiency by the Nautor craftsmen.


Synolo were commissioned to consider the preliminary design in association with German Frers & Nautor, producing a 3D CAD model to ensure that all aspects of the design brief could be met.

Synolo acted as design consultants on the arrangement of the vessel's structure, producing detailed engineering calculations to comply with the Germanischer Lloyd classification rule. In addition, Synolo augmented the Nautor design office by providing detailed construction drawings and 3D CAD models for a number of elements including opening transom door and bowsprit assemblies.


Synolo designed the interior for the first client of the Explorer 62 who was keen to see a contemporary décor allied to the practical and seamanlike features for which Explorer Motor Yachts are world renowned. Working closely with the client on the aesthetic aspects of the design, Synolo have developed a rich and stylish palette of fabrics and timbers.


Hardy Marine are well known for their quality of build and comfortable go anywhere motor yachts. Working closely with Hardy and the client, Synolo designed the initial layout options, developed the detailed design of the living spaces and made the final choice of soft furnishings and fittings. This beautiful interior is a striking mix of grey Alpi, Wenge timber and polished stainless.


Synolo will shortly begin the detailed design phase for the Discovery 48 after completing the preliminary design and weight estimating.


Synolo has also worked on many other projects for a varied selection of clients.