Synolo was formed in 2014 by a team of diverse and experienced designers to provide an in depth and coherent solution to the complex question of designing a yacht. We combine the critical disciplines to produce elegant designs that are effective, efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Our team will work with clients, yards and designers to help fulfil the dream, whether starting with only an initial idea or developing an exiting design, through to refit or restyling projects.

Gary Scott-Jenner

Involved with building yachts all his professional life, Gary worked as an engineer at High Modulus until he joined Oyster as the structural designer. He has been involved with many high profile and very large sailing yachts, well known race boats for both inshore and round the world races and a full range of other projects. Gary graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne with a degree in Naval architecture and shipbuilding.

Chris Lock

Starting out as a freelance designer in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, after studying Industrial design in Southampton, Chris went on to join Bernard Oleninski as senior designer producing interior and exteriors designs for famous production yacht builders and one-off projects. As senior interior designer during his time at Oyster many of the successful models won awards.

Rob Ford

A keen sailor, Rob has sailed and raced on boats from performance dinghies though to superyachts. After completing his degree in Yacht & Powercraft design at Solent University he went on to work as professional crew on large yachts in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. As a designer at Oyster he produced, among other things, 3D deck models for many of the range.


Synolo is able to offer any of the following design services:

  • 2D concept design
  • 3D space reservation block modelling
  • 3D detailed modelling
  • Computer generated renderings
  • Interior and exterior styling
  • Structural design and detailing
  • Systems specifications, design & detailing
  • Joinery design and detailing
  • CNC cut files
  • Production drawings
  • Design reports
  • Weight studies


Design can start with a sketch or just an idea, Synolo can take the idea and turn it into a precision 3D computer model to prove that it really will work once in reality. The requirements of design, be it a combination of ergonomic, aesthetic or practical, will be realised in parallel with the interior, structural and engineering demands. The integration of these elements from the beginning of the design spiral is one of the areas that Synolo specialises in, thus ensuring all aspects will work together to produce the best finished product.

We are experienced in producing reliable designs for CNC from entire decks through to smaller components that work together flawlessly. Interior and structural mouldings can be designed that compliment and work with the surrounding joinery and systems. With Synolo's expertise the design can be optimised quickly to achieve the desired result.


Synolo's goal is to create a unique, exciting and functional interior style that brings the client's dream to reality.

The scope of the design can range from the initial interior layout options through to joinery and fit-out detailing. Integration with the deck layout, structure and systems is key to the design process so the designs are produced in a detailed and accurate 3D CAD model. The data produced can be used for production in direct CNC or can produce realistic renderings so that the true feeling of the space and style can be appreciated before anything is manufactured.

Detail is key in the finishing of an interior so mood boards are produced detailing the interior decor, from timber choice to upholstery and soft furnishings, ironmongery, lights, fixtures and fittings.


Structural design is normally a careful mix of many elements including a good grasp of structural principles, the mechanical properties of the materials being used, the requirements of the classification society or approval body and the capabilities of builder together with the limitations set by the interior & exterior design and engineering systems.

It is the structural designer's job to balance all of these often conflicting elements to produce a final design that is weight efficient, durable, strong and cost effective.

At Synolo, we have a very strong in-house appreciation of all of these elements and work together, along with the client, to arrive at the best compromise.


Synolo can offer any level of systems design service to suit the client's requirements, from basic concept layout through to full production design in 2D and/or 3D.

All types of systems from plumbing and ventilation to propulsion and steering can be specified and designed with our emphasis being on integration with structure and interior to produce an optimal and cost effective solution.

As part of the design process factors such as weight, noise control, performance, reliability, ease of installation, serviceability, space utilisation and cost are considered. Each of these elements have different priorities depending on the type of boat and client requirements, so careful understanding of these priorities and our many years of experience are used to balance them appropriately for each particular project.

Once the design of the optimal solution is complete we ensure that this is clearly presented in an appropriate format so that the systems can be installed in the most efficient manner.